Racing - season 2007


16.10. 2007

Hello MS KART!

I am glad to inform you that Ola Nilsson (MS KART / TM) is the winner of the Grand Finale KZ2. 
Marcus Jönsson is No. 4. 
I think it is the last karting race for Ola before he changes for bigger cars. 
This race was without David Söderlund.

Best regards

Bengt Ake 

8.10. 2007

Dear Mr. Simak

Sam vojak v poli, - jediny na MS Kart v Kanade konecne medaila


Westwood kart race Club WKA class 2nd place. 
Heat 1 place 
Final 2nd place, fastest lap of the race.

Overall great weekend for MS KART RCA/26!

Juraj Novota 


29.-30.9. 2007
European Superracekart Serie – Assen / NL

Our MS KART team partecipated at the Superkart race in Assen with two drivers. Michal Barták in Division I and Lumir Vaszily v division II.

Michal Barták raced with the new 2-cylinder VM 250cc engine. In the course of the rainy race meeting the team battled with a lot of problems of the wiring system which were caused by too much water on the track. Because of this problem Michal did not finished the first final heat on Satturday. After having repaired the defects in the second final heat on Sunday Michal raced from position 6 after the start up to the second place during 4 laps. He drove the fastest lap times ! However, because of a broken cylinder he fell out 2 laps to go. Unfortunatelly, the mechanics did not have enough time for the right carbureter set up due to electricity problems which occured in the course of free practices. Nevertheless, our premiere race of the MS KART chassis with the new 2-cylinder VM 250cc engine came to great results. Especially because of the fact that Michal Bartak was faster then the winner Elkman who was the fastest pilot of the last race of the European Championship.

Superb results were made in the Division II by our second driver Lumír Vaszily (MS KART / TM). Lumir was the winner of the first final heat and he finished 2nd in the second final!



Hallo Milena und Milan,

in unserer ersten gemeinsamen Saison konnten wie in Deutschland 
folgende Erfolge für euch einfahren:

1. Platz Rotax Max Challenge MiniMax (Benedikt Bluoss) 
1. Platz Rotax Max Challenge Konstrukteurswertung MiniMax 
1. Platz Rotax Max Challenge Konstrukteurswertung JuniorMax 
2. Platz Rotax Max Challenge JuniorMax (Toni Greif) 
2. Platz DMV Goldpokal von Deutschland JuniorMax (Toni Greif) 
3. Platz DMV Goldpokal von Deutschland Junior Max (Thomas Schöffler)

Ergebnisse auf der offiziellen Seite >>
alle Resultate >>
Ergebnisse der einzelnen Rennen >>

Für die Unterstützung durch euch und AMZ Karts möchte ich mich bedanken.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen 
Toni und Jens


Hallo Milan und Milena und ganze Mannschaft in Prachatice !

Nach 13 Jahren S-Kart Trade ist es unserem Team 2007 zum ersten Mal gelungen 2 Meistertitel zu erreichen, nachdem wir seit 2003 jedes Jahr in einer Kategorie einen Meistertitel holten.

Kat. 4 Takt: Werner Henz RCA 26 / Vampire 
Rotax-Club : Fabian Bricman RCA26 / SKT Rotax

Jérôme Schwab war auf dem besten Weg den 3. Platz bei den Rotax Junioren in seiner ersten Saison zu erreichnen, nachdem er an 2. Stelle leigen abgedrängt wurde, erreichte er "nur" den 5. Platz in der Meisterschaft. Sobald ich Bilder habe Werde ich einige senden.

S pozdravem

Peter Schwab 
S-Kart Trade 


Good day Milena,

Just to let you know about our results in last race on august 17,18 and 19th. 
Like always thanks for all your support, for sending parts on time always and helping our team very very well.

This race was the biggest event in the history of racing in Panama.
We had our regular classes and also had international drivers invited, but also we had the final race for the NACAM series in the junior class. We had drivers from Quatemala, Mexico, Dominican Republic and Costa Rica. So it was a very important event for karting in Panama.

The circuit was a street circuit in a parking lot with 1.3kms long, see the drawing in the picture attached.

In the 100cc Class again our driver Billy Joe Sanchez (MS Kart/vortex)Kart #21, made pole position and won 1st place of the event flawlessly. Also in our 100cc class we had the participation of Jose Luis Prado, Kart#92, first race ever, started last position and finished 3rd. So great job he did.

In the 125cc Shifter class Diego Salerno (MS Kart/TM Racing) Kart#38, made pole position and track record, and won 1st place in the event. Our driver Oscar Teran, Kart#10, didn't qualify like he wanted, 3rd place, but managed to be in 1st place after 4 laps, but had engine trouble with his vortex engine and could not finish the race.

Myself (MS Kart/TM Racing,Kart #19) qualified bad also in 4th and in the first race was 2nd but had a small crash, but got 3rd place overall in the event.

So a 1st and 3rd place for MS Kart/TM Racing in shifter and 1st and 3rd place in 100cc.

We had no TAG drivers, only one WF (Edwin Serrano) racing but he had cero practice time in this new track, and got in 5th out of 16, so is not bad.

You can see race results and the rest in, when we have race I let you know so you can follow them there.

Thanks again for helping our Panamenian team to me as successful as it is.

Ing. Martin "Pincho" Sosa 
(507) 677-0865


Good day Milena and Milan,

I am sorry it has taken so long to write our race report.

We have been very busy getting our new MS Dirt kart ready for the Australian Titles.

Well anyways, both MS Dirt Karts have proven to be a great success, with wins in the 125cc TAG class and the 100cc (Formula A) class. The kart handled superbly straight out of the box taking both Nathan in Western Australia and Myself to race victories at the karts first meetings.

The new MS Dirt kart is the best handling kart I have ever driven. It gives you so much drive out of the corner it just blows past the opposition.

So I would like to thank Milan and yourself for the wonderful work MS Kart has done. I hope to bring you great news from the Australian titles but for now here is our race results from the first two meetings:-

Morgan Dirt Kart Club (South Australia) 
Class: 100cc Open (Kart 7) Finishing position 1st

Dirt Trackers Kart Club (Western Australia) 
Class: 125cc TAG Heavy (Kart 99) Finishing position: 1st

So over all this was a great day for MS Kart team!!!

Many thanks for all your advice and help always!!!

Yours truly,

Gary Duff 
Managing Director 
Kartbay Australia

Just look how far ahead Nathan is from the rest of the field!!!


Pictures from testing of the MS Superkart chassis with the new 2-cilinder VM 250cc engine


Glad to inform you!

David Söderlund NEZ champion in Finland With no 1 on his kart Starting 4 in prefinal. result no1 From pole to no 2 and to the top after 25 lap Chassie from 06 (only 4 meetings) and my home tuned TM K9C Today back to the military.

Ola Nilsson with MS take fastest time. From no 6 in the final to no 5 but before the end of final. Broken rear axle and result 7

Lot of interesting drivers and people from different countrys

Best regards 
Bengt Ake


Dear sirs

We had the Vauhdin maailma magazine test day on wednesday, we finished the kart on 1.30 wednesday morning and went straight to the track, we drove with your chassis setup and we were VERY satisfied to the chassis.

The chassis were working very good with the Vampire engine and Green Vega tyres, we had some very good laptimes with the MSkart.

There were allready some interest about the MSkart chassis so we think that we have very good product in our hands.

Here is some our pictures from the track.

Best regards 
Nico Sjolund

Sehr geehrter Herr Simak,

heute kann ich Ihnen eine erfreuliche Mitteilung machen :

Nach meiner Pechsträhne in den ersten beiden Rennen in der RMC konnte ich nun am vergangenen Wochenende in Liedolsheim auch mein fahrerisches Können unter Beweis stellen.

Mit dem 2. Platz im Prefinale und dem Sieg im Finale zeigt es sich, dass ich mit dem MS-Kart Chassis gut zurecht komme und nach wie vor damit sehr zufrieden bin.

Ich hoffe auf weitere Erfolge mit und für MS-Kart und verbleibe

mit freundlichen Grüßen,

Thomas Schöffler und Eltern


Hier sind Ergebnisse aus Liedoldsheim: 
1. Platz Mini Max - B. Bluoss (MS Kart) 
1. Platz Junior Max - T. Schöffler (MS Kart) 
4. Platz Junior Max - T. Greif (MS Kart)

Stand Meisterschaft zur Zeit: 
Mini Max: B. Bluoss (MS Kart) - Führender 
Junior Max: T. Greif (MS Kart) - Führender

Stand Chassiswertung: 
Mini Max: MS Kart Platz 1 
Junior Max: MS Kart Platz 1

Toni Greif


Hi Milena/Milan

Please find attached the following documents: 
1. Race Report of Oulton Park from Karting Magazine. 
2. British Championship Positions after Knockhill

You will see that Dean is now 6th in the British Championship. The kart is much better with the new brake pads. We did not have time to fit the self-adjusting caliper pistons and springs or revised steering, but we have now done this for the next race meerting at Snetterton on July 1st. Dean's times are now a lot closer to Trevors. In the wet 2nd race at Knockhill he was within a few tenth's of Trevor and in the dry final race he was about 1.5 seconds off, which I think means that we are now farly competitive with the Anderson Maverick.

Best Regards

Ian Harrison 
Viper Racing UK


Good day Milena and Jana,

I am sorry that is until now that I can write the race report. But I´ve been very busy.

Well anyways, last May 27th we had our 4th race of the year and we had great success.

MS Kart team had 3 Karts in shifter, Oscar Teran, Martin Sosa and Diego Salerno. One in TAG125cc, Sam Gander, One in World Formula and one in 100cc Billy Joe Sanchez.

So at least one per each class and the results where as follows.

Shifter 125cc Class: Pole position and 1st Place Overall Oscar Teran with kart #10. Great Race for him, flawless.

I was racing for the first time in my MS Kart #19, felt great, but I had engine trouble that put me away from the race. Diego Salerno did a great job and was in the top 3 all heats, but was under weight in one heat so he was out of the podium.

TAG 125cc class: Sam Gander did a tremendous job (he is 52 years old), with a record grid in that class of 15 karts all much younger than Sam, he manage to qualify 3rd but since he missed the drivers meeting was forced to go out last. But anyways in the heats he manage to put himself in the top 5 and finished 4th overall.

100cc class: Billy Joe Sanchez made Pole Position, did a great race until his engine failed. So that cost him the podium.

In the World Formula Class: That was the biggest grid all day (16 karts) and our driver Edwin Serrano took the 1st place overall did an excellent race. He proved to be faster than the rest, his kart and him where flawless so a perfect day for him.

So over all this was the best race of the year and it was a great day for MS Kart team!!!

Please see attached pictures.

Many thanks for all your advice and help always!!!


Ing. Martin "Pincho" Sosa 
(507) 677-0865


Dear Milan and Milena,
I give you the provisional results of the season of the open belgian championship!

The first race in Genk wasn't a good beginning of the season, we had the wrong chassis set-up. we were 10th at the two finales!

The second race was in Mariembourg, it was a lot better! At the qualification, my best lap was 53.820, that was a good time! We ended also at the first finale 4th, and at the second finale 2th!

The third race in Francorchamps, the beginning was good, the first finale I ended 4th, and at seond finale I was driving at the 3th place, before I had technical problems! And finished at the 11th place!

The fourth race was at Genk, In the first finale we made the wrong choise of tyres and I ended 7th, In the second finale it was dry and I ended on the 3th place!

Now there are just 2 races to go, they will be at Francorchamps and Mariembourg, we hope we'll ended in the top 3!

Now i'll give you the provisional results of the championship,

1. Carette Pieter Birel / Debei
2. De Zutter Nicolas Zanardi / Tm
3. Stemper Stephane Merlin / Pavesi
4. Delré Thierry MS KART / Tm 
5. Pex Yard Crg / Tm
6. Verstappen Jos Crg / Tm
7. Postulart Carlo Crg / Tm
8. Weber Morgan Merlin / Pavesi
9. Hamelinck J.p Gillard / Sgm
10.Lange Stephane Sodi kart / Pavesi

As soon as possible we'll send you a few pictures !

Best Regards,
Thierry Delré


Hallo Milan, Hallo Milena
Resultate Swiss Kart Challenge, 1. Lauf 21. April 07 in Wohlen

4 Takt:
2 überlegene Laufsiege für Werner Henz, Vampire-RCA 26, Im Finallauf in führung ligend ausgeschieden mit Hinterachsbruch. (zwischen linkem Lager und Bremsscheibe.

Rotax Junior:
3. Rang im ersten Lauf , dann 2 Mal zweiter im Prefinal und Final für Jérôme.

Rotax Club:
3 Laufsiege für Fabian Bricmann Rotax-RCA 26.

Freundliche Grüsse
Peter Schwab

7.4. 2007
MS Kart RCA26 test

This is how completed MS Kart looks like in Canada. RCA26 was tested at CART BC track in Chilliwack British Columbia. After few sessions of braking-in the rebuild engine and getting familiar with the brakes we were able to test the handling capabilities, threshold braking and response to setup changes. RCA26 chassis did everything we asked for. The kart handled great with basic recommended setup and was fast. We were excited about the lap times we run towards the end of the session. It was a big improvement compared to chassis we run last year.

Thank You,
Juraj Novota


Hallo Milan, Milena
Im Anhang paar Bilder vom Saisonauftakt. 
Mehr unter

Freundliche Grüsse
Peter Schwab


Dear Jana and Milena,

I send you herewith a couple of pictures to show you a little bit what we are doing. This year we will have one driver in our team doing KF3, 1 driving KF2 and one other either KF2 or Rotax Max. We run KF2 and KF3 with TM engines. We will keep you informed about the results, we have high expectations for this seasons…

Best regards,

Tim Bakker
Todo Karting S.L.


Good day Milena,
we had our second race on Sunday and this were the results:

100cc Piston Port Class = Billy Joe Sanchez 1st place, MS Kart.
125cc Shifter = 1st place: Oscar Teran, MS Kart/Vortex
2nd place: Mario Barcenas, MS Kart/TM Racing
3rd place: Diego Salerno, MS Kart/TM Racing

We only had problems in the 125cc TAG class that the bolts in the motor mount broke off, but we could have taken podium in it too.

But over all we kicked butt !!! 
See attached pictures.



Hallo Milan, Milena und Jana !
Anbei die Liste mit den Erfolgen von S-Kart Racing Team in der Saison 2006.
Offene Rennen:
Frühlingscup Biesheim/F, 19.03.06
Supermini: 1. Platz Jérôme Schwab  MS-Kart-Iame
Rotax:         2. Platz Michel Zemp MS RCA26/Rotax
Kart-GP:    1. Platz Werner Henz MS RCA26/Vampire

Grand Prix Schweiz Wohlen, 17.04.06
Supermini:  4. Platz Jérôme Schwab MS-Kart-Iame
Rotax:           1. Platz Erich Sidler MS RCA 26/ Rotax 
2. Platz Michel Zemp MS RCA 26-Rotax
Kart-GP:       1. Platz Werner Henz MS RCA/Vampire

TAG Open Wohlen, 05.06.06
Rotax:            1. Platz Erich Sidler MS RCA26-Rotax
4. Platz Michel Zemp MS RCA 26-Rotax

Swiss Masters, Biesheim, 15.10.06   2 Stunden
RotaxJunior 3. Platz Jérôme Schwab/Joel Spycher MS RCA 26/Rotax Junior
Rotax:            1. Platz Werner Henz/Michel Zemp MS RCA 26-Rotax

Wintercup Wohlen, 21.10.06
Rotax:            1. Platz Werner Henz MS RCA26-Rotax
2. Platz Michel Zemp MS RCA26-Rotax

Parma 09.04.06
125 Callenge      1. Platz Drilon Azemi MS RCA26-Rotax

Chiavenna, 30.07.06
125 Challenge     1. Platz Michel Zemp MS RCA26-Rotax    
2. Platz Werner Henz MS RCA 26-Rotax

Lugano, 10.09.06
125 Challenge     1. Platz Werner Henz MS RCA26-Rotax
4. Platz Drilon Azemi MS RCA26-Rotax

Rotax Challenge/Kart GP
Levier/F, 07.05.06
Rotax       3. Platz Michel Zemp MS RCA26-Rotax
Kart-GP:    1. Platz Werner Henz MS RCA26-Vampire

Rotax:            1. Platz Erich Sidler RCA26-Rotax
Kart-GP:    1. Platz Werner Henz RCA26-Vampire

Levier/F, 17.09.06
Rotax:            2. Platz Erich Sidler MS RCA26-Rotax
Kart-GP:    1. Platz Werner Henz MS RCA26-Vampire

Schweizermeister 2006 Kart-GP: Werner Henz MS RCA 26-Vampire
3. Platz Rotax Challenge: Erich Sidler MS RCA26-Rotax

Freundliche Grüsse/Meilleures salutations
Peter Schwab



Sweden results 2006

ICC: Victory of MS KART drivers:
Swedish Championship final race      Ola Nilsson
Sweden Cup                                    David Söderlund
Cambio cup final race                         Ola Nilsson
Cambio cup 6 race totally                    Ola Nilsson
Göteborg Bigh Trophy                          Ola Nilsson
Grand Final Kristianstad                    Ola Nilsson

No 3. in NEC Championship Göteborg - David Söderlund

Swedish Championship totally - Ola No 4. and David No. 6

Several victories in North Cup - drivers Stefansson and Sandberg

Several time No. 2 and 3 in Sport 2000