Racing - season 2004

Report of MS KART Racing Team for 2004
In 2004 the MS KART racing team participated, additionally to the necessary testing and practices, on three main event series. Main emphasis was laid on the European Championship in the Intercontinental C and Super ICC categories. Further also the World Cup Super ICC competition.


For preparation to these very prestigious races, the team management has decided to take part in the Open masters series – open Italian Championship. It is a series of five national events, which is considered among the experts as one of the best in the world. The results in this series indicate the disposition of forces during European and World Championship. As indicated in the below summary, we have reached in the Open masters series 2004 in Italy very good results, 
Simultaneously we could test many new components and systems, necessary for the tuning of chassis and engines, and for the development of new chassis structures, which we are being preparing for homologation in 2005.

In 2004 three Drivers started for the MS KART official racing team:

  • Jiří Bečička from the Czech Republic n the Italia Open Masters series, in the European Championship, and in the World Cup. In all competitions he participated in the Super ICC category. In our chassis a PAVESI factory engine was mounted.
  • Mathias Bergh from Sweden in the Italia Open Masters series and in the European Championship series. He started in the ICC category with a TM factory engine in both competitions.
  • Alexander Haegermark from Sweden in the European Championship Super ICC and in the World Cup Super ICC.



Results of the Italia Open Masters 2004 series:

Jiří Bečička took the 8th place, in the final classification, in the individual races he was classified with the following results:

Sarno did not finish due to an accident.
Lonato 5th place
Ugento 6th place
Muro Leccese 5th place
Jesolo 21st place

Mathias Bergh was never classified on a pointed position among the first 15 drivers. During the whole series, he did not obtain a single point.

The result of Bečička may be considered as very good, and if it were not for the failure in two races, he could be very well be classified among the first five drivers, and most probably even on the podium in the final classification. In all races he competed on top positions with the best drivers of the world.

Mathias Bergh paid his tribute of beginner and after a series of very bad starts and following collisions he did not succeed to reach better positions from the end of racing field in such a hard race.

For our participation, results, and battles for the top places, our team merited great recognition of other competitors and competing companies producing kart chassis and engines.

European Championships results

Mathias Bergh was classified on the 10th place in the ICC category, when he was classified on the 3rd and 4th positions in the first race in Sarno (Italy), in Varennes in France he was classified 23rd and 32nd, and in Mariembourg in Belgium 15th and 18th. It was a pity that Mathias did not continue with the excellent results from the first two final races in Sarno, otherwise he could think about excellent final results already for his second participation in the European Championship series. Such demanding races require, nevertheless, great experience, which he is still missing.


Jiří Bečička was 12th in the final classification in the Super ICC category, when he had an excellent start in Sarno, where he was classified 3rd and 13th. After collisions in the next race in Varennes he was classified only on 32nd and 23rd places, so he could not add any more points.

Alexander Haegermark finished the first race in Sarnu two times only in the third decade, and after the evaluation of the situation, his contract of official factory driver was cancelled. In the next two races he started as contractual, factory supported driver. This change was profitable for him, and in Varennes (France) he was even on the 6th place in one final race.


In the World cup in Mariembourg (Belgium) Jiří Bečička was classified after problems with chassis and engine only on the 25th place. Also the performance of the driver did not correspond to his abilities. We have expected classification in the first decade of the world elite, and the possibilities of our team were surely adequate.

In 2004 our drivers achieved several excellent results. It is only pity that our factory team was not able to repeat these results in every individual race of this series. Namely in the above categories there is no World Championship organized, and also all drivers from outside of Europe participate so in the European Championship, and the European series may thus be regarded as world championship. Our factory drivers, unless they were subjected to technical failures or collisions, combated in each race as equals with the absolutely top drivers.

Also the karts MS KART belong among the very top karts in the racing field, when they are equipped with powerful engines, such as the TM.

We are thinking that our acting in the above series of races, acquired experience, and established contacts are a very good take-off platform for the sporting season 2005. The composition of the MS KART factory racing team will be changed in great extent, and if all negotiations we are conducting in the present time will end positively, we can really look forward to the appearance of our team in 2005.

As conclusion, we would like to thank to all our drivers and technicians for the performed work. We thank our sponsors and fans for their favour and support, and we wish good success and fast driving in 2005 to everybody.

Management of the MS KART factory racing team.