CIK-FIA 6/CH/17

                                                                                                   Blue Falcon EVO KF 

The MS KART Blue Falcon EVO chassis has international homologation CIK/FIA valid for all cathegories until 2017. The homologation number is 6/CH/17.

The Blue Falcon EVO model of MS KART chassis is available in following configurations:


  • Blue Falcon EVO / KZ with front brakes (ref. 001D)

  • Blue Falcon EVO / KF without front brakes (ref. 002E)

  • Blue Falcon EVO / KF with front brakes operated by hand (ref. 003B)

  • Blue Falcon EVO / KZ – 4T with front brakes, made for left hand drive (ref. 001Da)

  • Blue Falcon EVO / KF – 4T without front brakes, made forleft hand drive (ref. 002Ea)

  • Blue Falcon EVO / DD2 (ref. 001Db)


Chassis technical data: 

Frame: Cr-Mo4 Ø 30 mm

Wheel base:   1050 / 1040 mm

Rear axle: Ø 50 mm


- adjustable wheel base: 1050 mm, optionally 1040 mm. The KZ chassis model has fix wheel base of 1050 mm only

- hydraulic selfadjusting K KART brakes (with automatic adjustment of clearance between brake pads and brake disc), homologated by CIK-FIA

- K KART self ventilated brake discs

- brake pads available in 3 different hardness (hard S214, medium S222 and soft S273)

- rear axle available in 3 different hardness (soft MS38, medium MS53 and hard MS67)

- manual brake distribution

- adjustable front and rear chassis height

- aluminium Douglas Wheel rims

- leather steering wheel MS KART made by KG

- laminate seat

- steel rear bumper

- side torsion bar

- aluminium floor tray including decall


Special accessories:

- adjustable chassis stiffness – front and rear torsion bar

- KTM or KG POLAR radiator

- water pump with toothed drive

- magnesium Douglas Wheel rims

- magnesium K KART rims

- SNIPER adjusters

- carbon-kevlar floor tray

- carbon-kevlar or combinated laminate/carbon-kevlar seat

- partly or totally covered seat (full cover on order only)

- plastic rear spoiler made by KG

- adjustable aluminium foot rest

- aluminium pedals

- pedal extentsion kit

- MS KART decall kit


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Blue Falcon EVO DD2

Blue Falcon EVO DD2



Blue Falcon EVO KZ

Blue Falcon EVO KZ

Blue Falcon EVO KZ


Blue Falcon EVO KF

Blue Falcon EVO KF

Blue Falcon EVO KF