Blue falcon/KZ2 chassis set up (for medium tyres)

Front axle

  • the front axle width for track with no rubber (no grip) is 1190 mm. With accummulating rubber on the track make it wider up to 1210 mm (measured over the external edges of the wheels)
  • front MG hubs L-76 mm (with no grip use longer MG front hubs L-98mm)

  • king pins: SNIPER adjusters on the top – set on the 1st groove, MS round eccentrics on the bottom – set on maximum castor, in case of little grip on the front axle set the castor to the maximum position on the top


Front axle height

  • the basic position of the front axle is in the middle of the stub axle shoe, it is the most common adjustment

  • in case there is little grip on the front axle or the track is wet, the stub axles are to be placed in the lowest position which increases the chassis clearance height and the grip as well.

  • In case there is too much grip on the front axle, the stub axles are to be placed in the highest position. The chassis clearance height will be decreased and the grip reduced.


Toe-out of the front wheels

  • for dry: 2 - 4 mm

  • for wet: 6 - 12 mm according to the water on the track (the more water the bigger toe-out)


Torsion bars – standard adjustment

  • standardly the chassis is to be run without any torsion bars

  • according the the track type you may try to use front torsion bar (metal or plastic)


Rear axle

  • Ø 50 MS 53 x 2,0 x 1040 mm – to be used for cold track with no grip

  • Ø 50 MS 67 x 2,0 x 1040 mm – try to use o be used with much grip

  • rear axle width: 1395 - 1400 mm

  • rear hubs L-98 mm MG, with little grip use L-120 MG. With more rubber use rear hubs L-76 MG. In case there is still too much grip on the rear axle you can put the upper bolts of the rear axle bearing carriers in the middle position or use MG rear axle bearing carriers – the rear axle goes more loose


Seat props

  • standardly is to be used 2 seat props on each side of the seat. The seat props are to be fitted on the external rear axle bearing carriers in order to make bigger pressure of the drivers weight on the rear axle.


Set up for wet track

  • front axle width 1200 - 1260 mm ( front hubs L-96 AL )

  • rear axle width 1360 mm (as the water disappears from the track extend slowly by 10 mm on each side)

  • all torsion bars out

  • set the maximum castor angle

  • increase the chassis clearance height by putting the stub axles into the lowest position in the stub axle shoe

  • toe-out of the front wheels: 6 - 12 mm according to the water on the track

  • leave seat props mounted